Real Dynamic Web Real Eye-Tracking Metrics Real Insights

Innovative testing solutions
for web applications

Dynamic content, conversion funnels, forms, flash, videos, ads

case study

Relatively frequent concrete user case: a mega navigation menu with dynamic layers.

  • 5 themes, with up to 4 sub-themes.
  • Successful test goal: measure the immersion impact of this navigation element in the client commercial offer.

Advantages of
(matchic) labs'

To get a precise and reliable measurement on non-static applications, Matchic Labs built the «Layer Eye Tracking ®» technique, offering its clients new opportunities.

  • Area of interest analysis on all devices including dynamic elements (modular screens, ad banners, forms, screen swapping, etc…)
  • Area of interest definition on dynamic interfaces elements, for any test sample size.


An answer to current website evolution towards rich dynamic interactions (html5, flash,...).

Data acquisition and interaction analysis on a large user sample

Fast data treatment

A powerful segmentation tool, correlation interaction patterns and user feedback analysis.


Any website, dynamic or static.

Dynamic navigation menus or mega navigation menus.

HTML5 or flash forms

Static or dynamic advertising

Online presentations

Online games